Our Top Learning Resources

To stay competitive in a fast-paced world, it’s important to continually educate yourself. Our eQuip team is constantly learning to stay up-to-date on new ideas and events.

These are our favorite blogs, websites, and channels to learn more about enterprise asset management, IT asset management, government property management, and more.

Take some time to look through these learning resources, you may learn something new!

EAM Learning Resources

Alright, we’re a little biased. But that’s only because we work hard to write a blog that you’ll love.

We frequently talk about Enterprise Asset Management, as well as government contracting and other industries we serve.

Be sure to take a look at our white papers and case studies for in-depth insights to a variety of topics.

Assetworks is one of the most influential asset management software companies in the world. It’s definitely worth scrolling through their blog archive. I’d also check out their Learning Center for infographics and videos.

Government Contracting Learning Resources

A great resource to learn more about federal contracting. Come for the long backlog of episodes, stay for the honest and personable hosts.
This blog is written by several partners from an industry-focused law firm. It’s no surprise, then, that posts focus on the legal side of government contracting. Buckle in for in-depth reading on contract administration and procurement law.

This website is a great resource. Blog posts use casual language and are easy to read. Their site also has some handy contracting lessons for in-depth, basic learning.

Dr. Doug Goetz and Professor Charles Waszczak have a deep knowledge of government property management for government contractors. Whether you want to debate about the DFARS or need to learn the nuances of acquisition, these are your guys!

Emergency Management Learning Resources

Although this is only a section in the GovTech magazine website, it is constantly updated with the latest in emergency management. Keep updated on the newsletter for information about FEMA, emergency communications, and disaster recovery.
We would be remiss if we didn’t include FEMA’s blog. FEMA responds to disasters that go beyond the jurisdiction and resources of local emergency management. That’s why keeping up with this agency’s blog can lead to some great insights into preparedness and recovery.

IT Department Learning Resources

While Freshservice writes about IT service and support, they have a great selection of articles on IT software and IT asset management. Their posts are always full of valuable information.

This blog doesn’t cover IT asset management, but is such a great IT service resource I had to include it. Their articles are incredibly practical. Many of their posts focus on change management, which is very valuable for modern IT professionals.

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