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What is Managed Hosting?

Managed Hosting is a method of software delivery in which the buyer owns the license. Software vendors dedicate specific servers to the buyer, and host and maintain the servers, databases and code for the buyer.
eQuip managed hosting

What’s unique about eQuip Managed Hosting?

With Managed Hosting, you are able to own the perpetual licenses for single-site or multi-site deployment.

Managed Hosting is useful if you need a more specific hosting environment to meet performance and security requirements.

Managed Hosting also allows you to leverage the platform and extend it to other areas by developing additional applications using eQuip APIs and SDKs.

How do I choose between SaaS and Managed Hosting?

SaaS is a low-cost option that is excellent for smaller organizations. It also requires less maintenance, because you receive software updates through the cloud.

Managed hosting is commonly used for mid- to large- sized businesses with many assets or strong security requirements. Managed hosting can be deployed faster, allowing you to use your new software sooner. The extra security and performance that comes with managed hosting.

Ultimately, you should talk with the vendor to assess which option will be right for you and your organization.


What are the Benefits of Managed Hosting?

Faster Deployment

You can take advantage of managed hosting to deploy the solution more quickly, with help from our team.

Extra Security

Managed hosting allows you to meet robust security requirements.

Strong Performance

Meet your organization’s goals with strong asset management system performance. With managed hosting, you get a dedicated server to ensure fast service.

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