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What is On-Premise Hosting?

On-Premise Hosting is a method of software delivery in which the buyer owns the license and hosts data locally on internally owned servers and databases. 

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What’s unique about eQuip On-Premise Hosting?

With On-Premise Hosting, you are able to own the perpetual licenses for single-site or multi-site deployment and the servers that eQuip is hosted on.

On premise hosting is useful if you need to utilize custom security tools or maintain information categorized as “Classified” or greater.

How do I choose between SaaS, Managed, and On-Premise hosting solutions?

SaaS is a low-cost option that is excellent for mid to small sized organizations. It requires less maintenance due to updates being delivered automatically via the cloud.

Managed hosting can be deployed faster than on premise solutions, saving users internal and external labor costs. Additionally this option includes enhanced security, performance and integration features.

Both SaaS and Managed Hosting options can be provisioned in FedRAMP High Certified Government Clouds that are suitable for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

On Premise solutions are used by small to large organizations that demand total control over their asset information. Examples include Programs that are operating at “Black Sites”, SCIF’s (Sensitive compartmented information facility), and other restricted areas.

Ultimately, you should talk with the vendor to assess which option will be right for you and your organization.

What are the Benefits of On-Premise Hosting?

Total Control

Housing the software and data on your servers supports restricting system information access to only your Team members.

Custom Security

Implement security protocols to comply with “Classified” and greater information security requirements. 

Zero Reliance

Zero reliance on external servers for connectivity. An On-Premise hosting solution isn’t reliant on a a fast and reliable internet connection and in some cases can be accessed without internet access. 

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