Guide: How to Optimize Your Compliance Tech Stack


In a keynote at the National Property Management Association’s (NPMA) 2022 National Education Seminar (NES), eQuip coined the phrase “compliance tech stack.” The term is an adaptation from the now-standard technology stack framework used by software developers all over the world. In the context of organizations that contract with the federal government and receive government-owned property, a tech stack is a group of technologies used to achieve and sustain compliance.

Often the goal of implementing these technologies, alone or together, is to make tedious processes more simple. Or perhaps your organization wants to measure and improve efficiency. Other government contractors are most focused on how to achieve and maintain compliance. Identifying and optimizing your organization’s compliance tech stack can help acheive any of these goals.

eQuip compliance tech stack guide PREVIEW
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This downloadable guide is a convenient way to get started. It identifies the four essential steps for first defining then optimizing a government contractor’s tech stack. It also contains questions and check points government property managers and their colleagues in Information Technology (IT) can review and collaborate on:

  1. Identify the Layers: What systems do you currently utilize? What systems or documents currently house data?
  2. Locate the Weak Points: Where do we lack coverage for compliance areas? How is that data currently managed?
  3. Document Existing Integration: Which layers are integrated and to what extent? What should be integrated?
  4. Optimize and Prioritize: Based on weak points and missing integrations, identify systems or layers for optimization. Prioritize based on compliance impact.

Download the printable PDF to get started today or contact our team for a complimentary evaluation of your organization’s compliance tech stack. Please note, unfortunately we can only offer these evaluations to government contractors as that is our area of expertise.

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