Research: The Problem with Spreadsheets and ERP


In our research, we have found several challenges with relying on spreadsheets and ERP systems for government property management. In this white paper, we will outline the specific challenges that spreadsheets and ERP systems cause for government property managers. We also provide analysis and a few considerations for choosing a proper asset management system.

Executive Summary: Why Property Management Spreadsheets Don’t Work

In 2016 the eQuip team surveyed a large group of government property managers. We found 58% of government contractors use spreadsheets or ERP systems to track governmenment property. As a result, many have difficulty identifying where an item is and who the custodian is. In fact, only 47% believed they knew where every item of government property is.

There is a connection between spreadsheets/ ERP systems and insufficinet asset records. Insufficient records are at risk of failing an audit. Further, they cause government property managers many other problems. For example, spreadsheets lack the ability to automate reporting to the IUID registry (a DoD rule). Using spreadsheets complicates reporting to the IUID registry. In contrast, government property management software automates this task. Thus, systems like eQuip can save hundreds of hours a year.

Download the entire whitepaper for an analysis of the challenges caused by spreadsheets. We align our analysis to the 10 Performance Outcomes from Government Property Management Systems outlined by FAR 52.245.1.

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