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Asset Management Guides and White Papers

We have dozens of asset management guides and white papers that go in-depth on the subjects you need to know. These guides are written based on first-hand knowledge as well as industry research and contributions from eQuip clients and customers.

Quick Guides and In-Depth Thoughts on Asset Management

Top 10 Asset Management Trends in 2019

In talking with our customers and asset management experts, we have identified a few key trends we see emerging in 2019. This white paper outlines our top 10 trends for 2019, and why we believe they will be key this year.

Challenges in Implementing the Enterprise Asset Management System

Enterprise Asset Management probably is the least appreciated function. However, if the function is managed well, it can not only improve operations and reduce risks, it can also be a source of competitive advantages.

How to Address Common Gaps in Fixed Asset Management

There are several gaps that commonly occur in fixed asset management systems. This white paper discusses explains how to address gaps in your fixed asset management system in order to prevent ghost assets and other problem.

Protect Intellectual Property by Improving Asset Management Processes

Every year, manufacturers lose hundreds of billions of dollars in potential revenue because of the leaks in intellectual property. What steps can they take in the end to end process of managing physical assets (i.e. product samples) to reduce the risk?

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