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Why Spreadsheets and ERP Are Inadequate for Government Property Management

Our team performed a survey of about 300 professionals from about 150 government contractors. The participants were all involved in managing government property with mid- to large-sized government contractors.

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What we found shocked us.

When asked “What type of system do you use to track Government Property?

58% of participants said they use either ERP module or spreadsheets to manage government property

When asked “Do you believe you know where every item of Government Property is, with good records to show an Auditor?

53% of the participants said “I sure hope so,” or “No”

This means that a majority of those we spoke with did not have an adequate government property management system, and did not have an adequate handle on their GFP.

Upon further research, we’ve found several challenges that these inadequate systems cause which may lead to insufficient government property management.

In this white paper, you’ll learn: