Preparing for PMSA

Stop rushing before an audit

Have you received a PMSA notification letter from your Property Administrator (PA)? Do you expect to get one in the near future? Many government property managers find preparing for PMSA very stressful. You get 30 days to respond to a probing questionnaire and/or site audit. This normally involves scrambling to get everyone to turn in their spreadsheets and consolidate the data, shutting down operations for an all hands on deck inventory audit, and working late nights to “get through it.”

But it seems like there’s never enough time. It’s a big task to piece together incomplete data that has been neglected for several months. You struggle with trying to catch up on reporting to the IUID registry. Your emails to personnel asking, “Where is this list of items and who has them?” goes unanswered.

For many contractors, preparing for an inventory audit is often the time when the government property manager finds out team members have not been doing what they are supposed to have been doing. This is realized through:

  • incomplete reports
  • missing documents (e.g. receiving documents, DD1149s)
  • unreported property loss
  • skipped self-assessments

The day of the audit is usually filled with angst. Will they uncover our issues? Sometimes your prayers are answered and the PA misses significant findings. The passed audit allows management to continue operating under the assumption that Property has everything needed to do their job. Everyone begins to relax, until next time.

You get stuck on a roller coaster of rushing to prepare for audits, hoping to endure site visits, then slowing back to normal until the next inevitable drop. You know this approach is unnecessarily stressful and not good for business. Your company and team could do so much better, but you don’t have what you need to make that happen.

You don’t have to keep riding this never-ending roller coaster ride. The fact is, preparing for a PMSA aren’t as stressful or difficult for government property managers that have the right resources and tools. With the correct process in place and a capable asset management tool, you can confidently and effortlessly navigate your next PMSA.

AssetWorks is the partner that can help you get there.

Government Property Management Consultation

We can help ensure your property plan is DCMA review bulletproof. AssetWorks customers have access to consultants that will review your policy and procedures to provide recommendations that limit risk and help ensure compliance.

Government Property Management Software

eQuip asset management software enables you to capture the data required by the FAR 52.245-1 and other property clauses. You can more easily perform complex transactions like IUID reporting and updating the GFP module with eQuip. eQuip Mobile enables users to scan barcodes to complete inventory audits and update records.

With the right tool, you can maintain control throughout the year and be ready for the audit whenever it may come.

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