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As we make our breakout into spring you may find yourself wondering if your current Barcode and RFID systems are holding your team back. From old hardware to degrading batteries, scanners can’t last forever and now might be the time to enhance your capabilities in the warehouse. Typically a scanner only has a lifespan of as little of 2.5 to 5 years after heavy use so it’s important to replace these tools in regulars intervals.  

If you’re considering upgrading your Barcode and RFID systems, it’s important to choose the right devices that align with your business needs. eQuip supports most major manufactures, but we have identified two brands that provide the cost effective products and feature set for our customers.

Zebra Scanning & Printing Options With eQuip

TC21/TC26 Touch Computer

One of the popular models from Zebra is the TC21/TC26 Touch Computer. It combines affordability with a wide range of features, making it a cost-effective solution for many clients. With its rugged and durable design, it can handle everyday use and comes with a 5″ touch screen for ease of use.That’s not all, these scanners are connected, seriously, with a few taps, connect to WIFI, cellular, Bluetooth and more! With the TC21 and TC 26 your remote sites will be as connected as possible. 

RFD40 UHF RFID Standard Sled

For those seeking an RFID solution, the RFD40 UHF RFID Standard Sled is an excellent choice. When used with the TC26, it speeds up inventory audits with its ability to read over 1,300 tags per second with a range of up to 20 feet. Its impressive 7000mAh battery ensures long-lasting usage and allows for quick battery swaps on the go.

ZD621 4-Inch Desktop Printer

When it comes to printers, the ZD621 4-Inch Desktop Printer stands out. It offers backward compatibility and remote monitoring capabilities. Additionally, it provides a secure connection option, allowing you to block unauthorized access to your system, ensuring data integrity and security. The ZD621 is backwards compatible meaning you can pair this powerful printer with your existing fleet of printers seamlessly. 

The Honeywell CN80G – The Approved Scanner for Secure Facilities 

CN80G Scanner

If you’re a DoD contractor, the CN80G scanner from Honeywell is a top choice. Specifically designed for secure environments like SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) as it does not have a radio, camera or microphone. This scanner thrives in extreme environments, as it can withstand drops and tumbles while complying with HERO specifications for hazardous environments. Its powerful scanning capabilities enable it to read barcodes from a distance of up to 50 feet. he CN80G is also TAA compliant, FIPS 140-2 certified and adheres to the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) set forth by the DoD.

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To upgrade your current Barcode and RFID systems, consider these top options from Zebra and Honeywell. Simply fill out the form below to request a quote and find the best fit for your business. Equip your team with the best scanners and see how the improved efficiency will enhance your operations by ensuring seamless inventory management and secure printing solutions.

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