4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Asset Scanners

As we make our breakout into spring you may find yourself wondering if your current asset scanners are holding your team back. From old hardware to degrading batteries, scanners can’t last forever and now might be the time to enhance your capabilities in the warehouse. Typically a scanner only has a lifespan of two and half to five years after heavy use. It’s important to replace these tools in regulars intervals to ensure you’re getting the most out of each scanner.  

If you’re considering upgrading your RFID scanners and printers, we compiled a list of four reasons why you should take the plunge and make the upgrade.

1: Security Threats

Using scanners that are older than 2.5-5 years can pose several security threats to your organization. One of the main risks is the presence of unpatched vulnerabilities. Over time, new security vulnerabilities and weaknesses are discovered, and manufacturers release patches and updates to address them. However, older scanners may not receive regular updates and patches, leaving them susceptible to known security vulnerabilities. Attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to your systems or steal sensitive data.

2: Software Upgrades

Upgrading old asset scanners can offer various software benefits that can enhance your asset tracking and management processes. Some of the key software benefits of upgrading asset scanners include faster computing speeds, new features, and in some cases a better user experience. Additionally old hardware components may struggle to run these new upgrades leading them to lag or act “slow” when using them in high workload environments.

3: Hardware Age

When deciding whether to keep your old asset scanners or invest in new ones, age is a key factor to take into consideration.

Old asset scanners may lack the latest technological advancements and features that can significantly improve efficiency. Upgrading to new asset scanners can offer benefits such as improved scanning speed, enhanced accuracy, increased durability, and better compatibility with other systems[2]. These advancements can streamline asset tracking processes and ultimately lead to greater efficiency in managing your assets.

Additionally, older asset scanners may be more prone to malfunctions and require more frequent maintenance, resulting in potential downtime and increased costs.

4: Increased Efficiently

Upgrading to new asset scanners can indeed increase efficiency in various ways. By leveraging advanced technologies such as RFID tracking and barcode scanners, businesses can streamline asset monitoring processes, leading to improved operational efficiency[3].

With the implementation of asset monitoring solutions that integrate with existing business systems, such as asset management software like eQuip. Companies can benefit from enhanced tracking capabilities and real-time visibility into asset location and status while reducing manual data entry errors and accelerating asset management processes.

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