Introducing Our New UI/UX

By popular demand, eQuip is now easier to learn and use.



  • Based on feedback and by popular request, eQuip is excited to release our new, updated UI/UX. This is a continuation of the previously announced modernized eQuip.
  • The goal of this update is to improve your user experience via a streamlined, modernized user interface that’s easier to learn, use and train others to use.
  • Phase 1 of the 2023 eQuip UI/UX release will go live for all customer’s production instances on Saturday, December 17, 2022.
  • To get a preview ahead of time, the update is now live in all customer’s UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environments.
  • All content and functionality will largely remain the same. Your organization’s data, configurations and customizations, the clicks needed to perform a task, the menu structure, etc. will all remain the same.
  • We will continue to communicate updates via bi-weekly release notes as the 2023 UI/UX updates are rolled out.
  • For questions in the meantime, please contact our Customer Support team at

What is a UI/UX update?

UI is short for User Interface. It is the graphical/visual part of a software or application that we as users interact with. It includes the screen layout and design as well as interactive elements like click-able text, buttons, linked text, etc.

UX is short for User Experience. It is the experience you have using the software or application. It includes the flow of the software and how you complete your tasks and goals within the application. It also includes whether the navigation or progression from one screen or another and back is intuitive. A major UX element is the menu/navigation of an application, as well as the experience of going from one screen to the next.

2023 eQuip UI/UX update GIF navigation example

UI/UX is a huge focus for many technology companies as it makes a big difference for users day-to-day satisfaction with an application. It is much more important than just how “nice to look at” something is. While design is important, functionality and user-friendliness are critical competencies for any software.

Why is eQuip doing a UI/UX update now?

Our Product and Customer Support teams have received consistent feedback that our legacy UI/UX often did not function as expected. As new software products are developed and UI/UX trends and best practices evolve we all as individual users develop new expectations of applications. To keep up with this evolution we at eQuip have been working on modernizing our application. This update serves three goals:

  1. Improve user friendliness of eQuip
  2. Make common actions in eQuip (like how the navigation operates) more intuititive
  3. Provide our users (particularly admins) with an application that is easier to use and easier to train others to use

This update has been in development for some time. We are excited to release it and, of course, continue to receive your feedback and continue to improve.

When will the 2023 UI/UX go live?

Phase 1 of the eQuip 2023 UI/UX is now live in all customers UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environments. Phase 1 includes our new, modernized design; an updated, vertical and left-aligned navigation menu; and improvements to the look and feel of the application.

Admins can preview and the changes and, if needed, begin to train teams, update training material, etc. using the UAT environment.

Phase 1 of the eQuip 2023 UI/UX will next push to all customer’s production environments on Saturday, December 17, 2022.

Due to the custom and configurable nature of eQuip, the full UI/UX update will occur incrementally over subsequent releases.

Will the 2023 UI/UX change any data, configurations etc?

No. Your organization’s content, data, configurations and customizations, the menu structure, etc. will all remain the same.

How can you stay up-to-date on the changes?

We will continue to communicate updates via bi-weekly release notes as the new UI/UX is rolled out. Release notes go to users assigned the Administrator role only. If you’d like to double check whether you are signed up or make changes to who is an Admin, please contact

We will also be offering live demos with our Sales and Customer Support teams for any users who would like a personal walk-through and demonstration of improvements and updates. Invitations to these live demos will also be emailed to account Administrators.

For additional information, please contact our Customer Support team at

From all of us at eQuip, THANK YOU for the continuous feedback and your partnership. Hearing directly from our users is what has enabled us to be the #1 asset management system for government contractors and to continue to improve. We are grateful for the collaboration!

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