Welcome to the Modern eQuip

A Brand New Look

Today we’re excited to unveil the new eQuip brand and website. We designed the images and feel to more closely resemble the work you do all while simplifying the layout and communication options. That’s not all, we even added tools that will help visualize the savings eQuip can bring and a localized blog for news and events.

New Tools and Enhancements

The new eQuip website is packed full of new features designed to help you save time, one of these great tools is the “The Way We’ve Always Done It” or the Cost Calculator. The calculator, calculates the cost of manual systems is the best first step to understand the ROI of a compliant property management system. This will show users the hidden savings that eQuip can bring to any organization.

We also increased the ease of accessing our learning resources by consolidating the modules into a single tab. Be sure to bookmark the new eQuip website if you think it’s important to continually educate yourself. We are constantly learning to stay up-to-date on new ideas and events so be sure to check for updates.

Have you question on how a similar organization utilized eQuip? Just head to new and improved Asset Management Case Studies page and see how organizations, large and small use eQuip to enhance their operations.

Do you need a detailed article filled with data for a specific topic? We have you covered with the enhanced Whitepapers page, filled with articles that can help support your case or overcome any obstacle in your way.

Give Us Your Feedback

Let us know what you think of the changes and if you encounter any errors let us know and we will get right to fixing it! We hope you enjoy the new eQuip look and feel compared to the old.

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