Trainings: Admin and User Bootcamp

Are you an eQuip user or administrator looking to upskill or retrain your team? We are now pleased to offer on-demand eQuip Admin and User Trainings. 

These bootcamp-style sessions are designed to go beyond basic understanding of the eQuip system. Our team will work directly with you and your colleagues to improve efficiency, minimize error rates, and equip (!) you with the necessary tools for successful management of your government-furnished property and/or owned assets. 

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FAQs: Trainings

The cost of the full bootcamp is $995 per organization. Each bootcamp consists of (3) training sessions: an admin training, user training and mobile app training. The entire series is designed to be completed in 4 hours over two separate virtual meetings. All bootcamps are led by senior staff and product experts.

eQuip is ever-evolving. We make updates and improvements every two weeks (shared with Admins via Release Notes), but find not all organizations are able to effectively train users on these developments in real-time. In addition, over the last two years we’ve seen an unprecedented amount of change within on our client’s teams. If your team’s roles have evolved, or you’ve welcomed new additions, a training and up-skilling will help you become more effective with eQuip. 

The bootcamp is divided into three components: admin training, user training, and web application training. Admin training covers (6) separate modules and the expected completion time is 1 hour. User web and mobile application training is expected to be completed in 3 hours. 

The eQuip admin training covers 6 separate modules, giving admins the confidence to successfully manage users, assets, and customized forms within your instance. It’s recommended that all admins attend and no additional charge per user will be assessed. 

  1. Introduction to eQuip
  2. User Permissions and Roles
  3. User Management and Scope
  4. Managing Asset Categories
  5. Asset Search Configurations 
  6. Form Designer & Best Practices 
  7. Additional Topics if Requested

Additional topics can be covered if requested, however these must be submitted prior to the trainings.

The User Training sessions are divided into Web Application Training and Mobile Application Training. 

The Web Application Training consists of 6 components:

  1. Introduction to eQuip
  2. Importer Tool Mastery 
  3. Receiving Tool Mastery
  4. Understanding Asset Utilization 
  5. Asset Disposition Mastery
  6. Basics of Standard and Custom Reporting

The Mobile Application Training consists of 3 components:

  1. Introduction to the eQuip mobile app
  2. Asset Mastery – Adding, Editing, and Auditing Assets
  3. Asset Movement

Yes. Our standard bootcamp agenda was developed based on successful delivery and feedback from hundreds of clients, but we understand that your organization may have unique needs. We are happy to work with you to create a training agenda customized to your team’s needs. 


Please read the following disclaimer carefully before enrolling in the eQuip Bootcamp Training Program:

Duration: The eQuip Bootcamp Training program is designed to be completed in up to 4 hours. However, the actual completion time may vary based on individual learning abilities and pace.

Cost: The program is currently being offered at a discounted price of $995 for a limited time only. Please note that this price is subject to change if the user needed additional topics or customizations. Additional taxes, fees, or charges may apply.

Course Structure: The training program is divided into three separate blocks, Admin, End User Web, and End User Mobile, allowing participants to complete the course at their pre scheduled time.

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge or experience in the relevant software or related subject may be beneficial for a comprehensive understanding of the training program. Participants are responsible for ensuring they possess the necessary requirements prior to enrolling.

Certification: Successful completion of the software training program does not guarantee certification or accreditation from any external organization. Certificates of completion, if provided, are solely for acknowledging the participant’s efforts and commitment to the training.

Technical Requirements: Participants are responsible for ensuring access to a suitable computer or device with internet connectivity, along with any necessary software licenses or subscriptions required to complete the training program.

Refunds: No refunds will be provided after enrollment. However, in exceptional circumstances, refund requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to our refund policy.

Changes and Cancellations: The program content, duration, pricing, or any other aspect of the training may be subject to change or cancellation by the training provider at their discretion. In such cases, participants will be notified in advance and provided with suitable alternatives, if available.

By enrolling in this software training program, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions stated in this disclaimer. It is recommended that you consult the program details, including FAQs and any additional materials provided by the training provider before making your enrollment decision.