eQuip Pricing

eQuip offers flexibility in terms of customization and pricing. Whether you have a hundred assets or tens of thousands, we have solutions for your organization. Smaller government contractors can count on our GovCon Package to fulfill all Department of Defense requirements. Otherwise, select our Enterprise solution to customize the system to your unique business requirements (larger contractors and defense manufacturers opt for Enterprise).


Engineered to obtain and maintain full DoD compliance while including many of the standard and commonly-requested needs of defense contractors.  


Our Enterprise solution builds off the stability and standardization of the GovCon package, but is fully configurable.


For government agencies or manfacturers looking to manage fixed assets and consumables while tracking maintanence and consumption.

What's Included?

The following are included in all of our packages as well as the Enterprise edition of eQuip:

How does eQuip compare?

eQuip vs other systems

Meet Your Partners In Compliance

When you choose eQuip you gain more than the industry’s leading asset management solution. Backed by decades of domain expertise, eQuip delivers industry standards and best practices. Our insights reflect hundreds of implementations in organizations with similar requirements.

Collaborative from start-to-finish

From discovery to implementation and maintanence, we focus on partnership. In every role, our team takes the time to understand what is important to your team and your business.

Fast, efficient support

Our response times exceed industry standards. On average, clients can expect a U.S.-based team member to respond within an hour (during business hours). Administrators always have access to support ticket information and our knowledgebase.

Agile and adaptable

eQuip follows the Agile project management methdology. Trust, flexibility, empowerment and collaboration are at the center of everything we do.
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