The Expert's Guide to Reporting to the GFP Module

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Understand the GFP Module

Before creating your reports, it’s important to understand the GFP Module. The Module is an application of the Department of Defense (DoD)’s  Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE). Both DoD and contractors use the GFP Module. For government contractors, the Module has replaced the IUID registry. The GFP Module was officially launced in 2019 with five planned phases. When all phases are fully implemented, the the DoD intends for the GFP Module to “consolidate all GFP tools, capabilities, and processes into a single location.” (DoD Procurement Toolbox).

You should familiarize yourself with all of the elements of the Module, including GFP Movement (Shipments and Receipts), Plant Clearance, and Property Loss. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to create compliant reports more easily and quickly with just a few clicks in eQuip.

How to Get It

Gaining expertise in the timely and correct preparation of compliant GFP reports to PIEE is quicker and easier than ever thanks to eQuip’s GFP Module Reporting Kit. Exclusively available only to users of eQuip’s government property management software, this powerful set of features generates compliant reports that can be quickly and easily submitted to the DoD’s PIEE system.

Request installation of the Kit to generate precise, accurate reports that meet all DoD GFP reporting requirements quickly and easily.

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Learn How to Report to the GFP Module Quickly and Easily

With eQuip’s GFP Module Reporting Kit, reporting GFP to PIEE can be pain-free. Our software solution gives the user total control when creating compliant reports and saves precious time with auto-population technology and a library of pre-tested templates and forms. Plus, it offers easy navigation tools to quickly find specific data fields, allowing you to generate accurate reports without hassle.

The Components

The GFP Module Reporting Kit includes a variety of different components, each fully compliant with the latest DoD regulations. These include pre-tested templated forms, auto-population technology and easy navigation tools that make it simple to find specific data. With these tools, users can easily create accurate reports without any hassle, making the GFP reporting process for government contractors much faster and smoother.

Auto Ship & Receive

This component of the Reporintg Kit streamlines the transactional process and reduces error in manual inputs when tracking Shipments and Receipts. Auto Ship & Receive imports data directly from the GFP attachment or Shipment Document, then exports formatted Excel document with required form fields.

Reporting Property Loss

This component of the Reporting Kit provides guardrails to minimize data entry errors when reporting GFP property loss. Effortlessly upload and store attachments in a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

Plant Clearance

This component of the Reporting Kit enables data to be exported directly to PIEE with pre-formatted workbooks and  detailed transaction and attachment history logs.

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