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Automated vs Manual Government Property Management

With the new eQuip Cost Calculator, government property managers now have a tool to find the hidden costs of manual government property management methods. If you’re tracking government property manually you can potentially save more than the cost of a system. Finding the true costs of a manual systems is a good first step in the process of finding a new system.

Understanding the ROI of a property management system like eQuip is often a key decision point in many organizations. The cost calculator is designed to visualize these savings by showing the clear costs and the value you could recoup from eQuip, a system purpose-built for government property management.

Simply complete the 8 steps to see your savings! The calculator should take less than ten minutes to complete.

Reduce Labor with Automation – DD 1149s

The manual process of filling a DD 1149 by hand and then uploading into a document is time consuming for any staffer. Users can fully complete a DD 1149 in under five minutes with eQuip. That reduced time means added savings! The automated use of pre-configured DD1149s can save thousands alone for your organization.

What are your potential savings? Use the new tool and let us know what you think!

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