DoD Update: Consolidation of Property Clauses (DFARS Case 2020-D029)

The DoD has recently proposed changes to that will lead to the consolidation of DoD Government Property Clauses (DFARS Case 2020-D029). These changes include grouping the reporting of government property requirement into a single contract clause, converting existing form-based processes into electronic processes and replace references to legacy software applications. These changes will increase audit failure risk for defense contractors using basic tools (spreadsheets) and outdated systems that do not automate reporting to the GFP Module.

These changes to the new system functionality will enable DoD to address numerous FIAR audit findings and security concerns. The DoD expects that contractors not using professional government property systems may experience a change in performance of their contact. Ensuring compliance with this DFARS requirement change will be top priority as adherence is vital to the DoD meeting their FIAR goals. If you need clarification  about these proposed changes, feel free to request a call by selecting this Contact Link.

Contractors using eQuip can rest easy as our system provides built-in automation to process and report government property activities specified in this clause. You can read the full document and all of the changes it brings by following this link: available online at, and on


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