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eQuip Accelerates IUID Registry Compliance

Most government contractors who work with the Department of Defense are required to adhere to IUID requirements established by the FAR and DFARS:
Item unique identification (IUID):  A system of establishing unique item identifiers (UII) within the DoD by assigning a machine-readable character string or number to a discrete item, which serves to distinguish it from other like and unlike items. MIL-STD-130N Change 1
Unfortunately, many of those government contractors struggle with juggling IUID requirements with their other goals and needs. One such government contractor was AEgis Technology Group. Read below to see how eQuip! helped AEgis to meet IUID requirements.

The Customer

The AEgis Technology Group Inc. specializes in utilizing modeling & simulation (M&S) technology to support weapon systems development and create training solutions so our troops make it home safely.

The Challenge:

Our customer AEgis is tasked to deliver Improved Moving Target Simulation Systems (IMTS).

These are 360 degree fully immersive visual simulation systems with state-of-the-art computer image generators. They will help to prepare US troops to fight more effectively and return home safely.

To deliver this program, AEgis is required to upload the Unique Item Identifier (UII) data into the DoD IUID Registry. This is to maintain accountability of each IMTS system utilizing DoD’s Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) component of the government’s Invoicing, Receipt, Acceptance, and Property Transfer (iRAPT) system.

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The Solution:

AEgis uses eQuip! to manage their government property. By using eQuip! they electronically transmitted all the IMTS system and component data to the DoD’s IUID registry.

The Outcome:

Our customer AEgis has successfully met all contractual IUID requirements for this contract.

In addition, they were able to create the IMTS systems, which help our troops to fight more effectively and return home safely.

The technical support staff at [eQuip!] has played a critical role in helping AEgis to meet the contractual requirements to upload the data electronically to DoD’s IUID registry.

Bob Gravtiz
Director of Corporate Development at AEgis

eQuip and the IUID registry

Watch this video below for a short demo of IUID functionality in eQuip! for government property.