Asset Management Awareness Month: Asset Management Across the Nation

A Webinar Presented by AssetWorks

With the end of March and the passing of Asset Management Awareness Month we wanted to share a recording of our latest webinar “A Conversation with State, Higher Ed and Defense Property Managers.”  

The expert panel of senior property and asset managers across industries covered the state of asset and property management, what is similar across industries, what is different, and tips for those entering this challenging but exciting field.

John Damazio from Honeywell Aerospace used his detailed insight of the reporting and processes side of defense property to add to the discussion. Jamie Wheat is a Procurement Business Services Manager University of California, Santa Barbara and she touched on asset management from an equipment management perspective. Tim Bolles is the Director of Logistics and Operations Support (LOS) Division for the State of Michigan and was able to bring his background in managing all of the state’s IT assets, surplus, both state and federal to the discussion.

Have any questions or comments about the webinar, the participants, or future topics you’d like to hear about in future webinars? Use the form below to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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