Tracking Location and Chain of Custody

Who Has It and Where Is It?

How many people at your company know what the barcode on their equipment is used for? Often team members view equipment used by their department as their stuff to do whatever they need with. So, much to your frustration, people just take things when they need it or hoard assets in their desks.

When employees are misaligned with asset management policy and procedures, it can wreak havoc on your organization’s ability to operate efficiently. Asset records become incomplete and inaccurate. Inventory audits require much more time and effort. Each year it feels like you are starting over, building the asset records from scratch.

When this happens, you need two things to get your asset management system back on track: updated processes, and modern tools.

The Processes:

If your organization is unsure of what should be done, when it should occur, and who is responsible for doing it, then your policy and procedures need to be improved.

A documented, accessible asset management policy and procedure lays out the roles and responsibilities of all team members who work with assets, and who is required to help maintain the records in the asset management system.

This can be an intimidating task, but AssetWorks can help. We can provide subject matter experts that will review your organization’s asset management approach, identify actionable recommendations, and help implement the updated policy and procedures.

If team members know how the assets should be managed, but fail to do what they should, this is usually a sign that your asset management system needs to be improved.  This happens because using spreadsheets and other basic tools makes tracking assets more complicated and less reliable. It also encourages employees to avoid tasks or exploit holes in the system.

By moving to a modern software system, you prioritize your asset management process and everyone that interacts with it. The right asset management system improves accountability and inventory awareness by making it natural to follow policy and procedures.  

Here are a few capabilities in eQuip that will get your team on the right track.

The Tools

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