Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) July 9, 2015

E-ISG Asset Intelligence is expanding its partnership network to deliver end to end enterprise asset management solutions. It has just added inventory audit service provider ProBar to its network of solution partners, with a joint project supporting the Department of Justice.

E-ISG Asset Intelligence, in partnership with ProBar, has recently been awarded by the Department of Justice to provide end to end Enterprise Asset Management solutions. The solutions include the implementation of a web based enterprise asset management software system, inventory audit, asset tagging, and mobile applications.

E-ISG Asset Intelligence and ProBar have been building their partnership based on similar service philosophy: providing the most efficient solution to customers. According to Jackie Luo, CEO of E-ISG Asset Intelligence, “ProBar brings process excellence to the routine work of wall to wall inventory auditing. Their team manages each step in these auditing tasks thoroughly and efficiently. As a result, they deliver the most value to our customers.” Additionally, ProBar has a great track record and service history in the nation’s K-12 schools, including many charter schools. E-ISG Asset Intelligence has been expanding its solutions into this segment, to help the school systems meeting the state and federal requirements on equipment inventory management. “We have great synergy with ProBar in the customer segments we serve,” said Jackie Luo.

The president of ProBar Inc. Mike Moss said, “The eQuip! software easy to use, flexible, and mobile. It’s low cost. It is a good fit to our customers in county school systems, and government entities. So we are excited about the partnership.”

E-ISG Asset Intelligence provides Commercial Off the Shelf Enterprise Asset Management software solutions eQuip. When deploying the eQuip! software to manage their assets, customers need to start with a complete and audited list of existing assets. However, they are often challenged with that. Audited inventory list is a critical dependency for E-ISG Asset Intelligence to successfully onboard customers to the eQuip! software platform. By partnering with inventory audit service providers such as ProBar, E-ISG Asset Intelligence offers a solution to their customers to remove that critical dependency.